Earn More With Us

With the right management, letting your property as a HMO can earn you more than renting your to one household.

Hands On Management

We handle the whole process for you, including communicating with tenants, 24/7 support, cleaning, maintenance team and more.

Flexible Renting

It’s your home, so renting is on your terms. Complete flexibility means you decide when your property is available for bookings. No hidden fees or subscriptions.

Who We Are

Our HMO’s are formally inspected quarterly, but we’re often on site every month. On each inspection, we check the following, file a report and take photographs –

  1. Waste/Bins
  2. Gutters
  3. Drains
  4. Smoke alarms / CO Alarm
  5. Windows / Ventilation
  6. Garden – tidy and safe
  7. Security – locks/doors/windows
  8. Burglar Alarm
  9. Fire Alarm
  10. Fire escapes / Obstructions / Fire doors / Extinguishers
  11. Emergency Lighting
  12. Damp/water ingress/leaks
  13. Appliance condition
  14. Boiler pressure
  15. Common parts – safe/clear/clean/lit
  16. Notices / Displays
  17. Electrical load risks
  18. Cleanliness
  19. Tenant welfare
  20. Long term – chimney flue, roof, structural
  21. General maintenance issues

If you have a HMO property in London and are looking for HMO management, get in touch with us to discuss your property.

Happy clients

Our strength lies in the personal service we offer combined with clear and direct communication.

HMO management

We can hold licenses for our clients, and take on the responsibility of meeting the requirements and expectations.

team Memebers

From making sure fire safety standards are met, to checking cleaning.

Maintenance Members

From buildders to cleaners we have a full team of laborers to help us with maintening your property to the highest standards.

Our Services

Account Management, cutting edge software and a personal touch
Property maintenance, day to day diagnosis carried out & problems resolved quickly with no costly call-out bills
Professional Cleaning, keeping your property at its prime and preparing for new tenants
Property advertising and agency sourcing can be carried out by experts. Some properties can be let to one group, and others room by room.

Client Testimonials

Top Quality Service!!
As a landlord, I’ve used many agents before, however, the staff at Jacobs Management supersede them all. They always work really hard to get me, good tenants and Jacob, is very personable and professional at the same time.

Adam Keylor

Rented a Flat from them in London over the course of a year. Excellent service, listened to the problems you had and did their best to resolve them and provide decent spacious places to live. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Sabrina knight