Our year winning awards

GOLD – Best Marketing – Lettings Agency of the Year 2016

“Jacobs Management absolutely deserves to win the gold in what the judges felt was a highly competitive category with some fantastic contenders. Its submission was based on the success of its loyalty card offering which gives clients discounts at local businesses and now has over 5,000 users. From the outset, the directors were very clear about what they wanted to achieve with this campaign and knew exactly what the desired results were. It was one of several campaigns which launched following a big rebranding exercise and its key aim was to create a brand more in-line with retailers than traditional agency. The insightful, local, consultative and approachable brand aims of the agent are well represented by the campaign in the honest local business reviews. The interaction between the agent and the local community is completely different to that of any other agent and the number of potential clients in the local area who are involved in the scheme and interacting with the Portico brand on a daily basis is impressive. Jacobs Management appears to have executed an extensive campaign very well and the benefits are ongoing.”

GOLD – Best Marketing – Lettings Agency of the Year 2015

“Jacobs Management’s campaign was simple; to align three separate brands under one name. This was an orderly and thorough campaign that was well researched and carefully executed. Brand values, strategy and concept were all decided at the outset and the name, design and proposition soon followed. Over 1000 points of information were gathered through a variety of sources from staff interviews to landlord surveys and team brainstorming sessions. Through the research they identified their brand values which informed every element of the brand. Alongside the rebrand, they also saw an opportunity to further develop the services and reposition these as unique packages: Essential, Comprehensive and Concierge. New creative was commissioned and rolled out across all branches, collateral and online, and they have a fleet of newly branded cars. The campaign was measured internally and externally. Internally, a representative from every branch participated in the entire process, and the entire staff was surveyed following a launch event. Externally they conducted bespoke surveys to understand brand awareness, measured market share and assessed customer engagement.”.”

SILVER – Best 1000+ Property Management – Lettings Agency of the Year 2015

“Jacobs Management offers two property management services: Comprehensive and Concierge. The Comprehensive package is the entry level property management package whereas the Concierge service is the flagship product which includes a dedicated Property Concierge, a free ‘10 Point’ maintenance service between tenancies and free accountancy services to assist with tax returns. The Property Concierges have a minimum of five years’ experience as a property manager, and are typically promoted from within. They directly manage the in-house tradesmen and are individually responsible for their own profit and loss accounts. The bespoke IT system monitors compliance deadlines, and actively tracks, prioritises and allocates reported issues to the property management team. They are then resolved within a strict time limit based on urgency. They have run an extensive consultation exercise with staff to drive significant cultural and structural changes following a huge rebrand which has resulted in improvements in retention, reward and return.”